VIRAL CONSPIRACY 151 Front art 400x400

Viral Conspiracy Records Proudly Presents:

Nefarious vs Noistruct – Paying For The Privilege Of Hearing What We Do

Catalog #: VC151/VCCD013

Released: 29 May 2016

Style: Hardcore, Breakcore


1.Nefarious – 92913
2.Nefarious – Achtung! VIP
3.Nefarious – Spoliler Alert
4.Nefarious – Vanity VIP
5.Nefarious – Tease
6.Nefarious – Superlame
7.Nefarious – Noob
8.Noistruct – Trainspotting
9.Noistruct – Steal Sound Before Sound Steals You
10.Breakforce One – Virgin By Choice (Noistruct Uses Jesus Fucktowel Mix)
11.Noistruct – Crystal Meth Killed The Amphetamine Star
12.Noistruct – Epilim
13.Noistruct – Goosin The Turkey
14.Noistruct – Cuntninja Chickengaijin


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